Turn Your Barren Yard Into an Oasis

Turn Your Barren Yard Into an Oasis

Schedule lawn maintenance services in Byron, Stewartville & Rochester, MN

Do you want to install new plants to update your yard's design? Do you need to trim overgrown plants? You don't have to spend your entire weekend sweating in the sun. Hire Advanced Lawn Services for lawn maintenance services instead. Our team can help you turn your unappealing yard into a work of art.

You can arrange for everything from plant trimming to a seasonal mulch installation for your home or business. We'll visit your property as often as you need to keep your yard looking great all year long.

Contact us today to schedule lawn maintenance services in Byron, Stewartville & Rochester, MN.

What we can help with

Proper lawn care involves many different steps. You can take care of every part of your yard by hiring our skilled landscaping company. Our services include:

Sidewalk edging - we'll trim overgrown grass along driveways and walkways to give your property a professional look.
Spring cleanup - dethatch your yard to help prevent damage to new growth.
Power raking - an advanced form of dethatching that uses a mower instead of a hand rake.
Aerating - help improve your soil for healthier trees, plants and better drainage.
Over-seeding - combined with aeration, you can encourage grass growth in patchy areas
Mowing - we'll mow your grass evenly, trim edges and blow off paved surfaces
Fall cleanup - remove leaves from your yard and trim back perennial plants
Snow removal - we can clear sidewalks, driveways and fire hydrants. We can also salt, as needed.

Arrange for lawn maintenance services by calling Kyle at 507-884-9638 or Cassie at 507-923-1863 now.